Free crochet placemat pattern

Free Crochet Placemat Pattern – Easy

If you are searching for free crochet placemat patterns, you have come to the right place! This free crochet placemat pattern is incredibly easy to make. It uses only basic stitches, perfect for beginners learning how to crochet a placemat – or for experienced crocheters looking for a lovely placemat pattern that actually lays flat!

You’ll be proud to show off your new crochet placemats on your own table or make a set to give as a gift.

This easy placemat crochet pattern makes a placemat that is approx. 18″ wide by 12″ high (not including the tassels) which is the average placemat size.

You can easily make your placemat thinner or wider by making less or more starting chains in multiples of 2 + 1 (meaning that your number of starting chains will be an odd number). To make the height of your placemat smaller or longer, make less or more rows.

Best Yarn for this Crochet Placemat

I recommend using a size 4, worsted weight yarn. You can use acrylic yarn or cotton yarn or really any type of yarn to make this placemat. The size of your placemat doesn’t need to be exact so there’s lots of flexibility. Also with worsted weight yarn and the stitch used in the pattern, your placemat will lay flat.

Rectangle Crochet Placemats

Moss Stitch Placemat

This crochet placemat pattern is made using just basic stitches (chain and single crochet) and when these stitches are combined, it is called the moss stitch (sometimes called the linen stitch or woven stitch). Don’t be afraid, it’s one of the easiest stitches to learn and is very beginner friendly. It’s one of my favorite stitches and is used in my Moss Stitch Baby Blanket and in my Easy Crochet Bookmark pattern.

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After you make this placemat, complete the look with a matching mug rug! View the free easy crochet mug rug pattern.

Easy Mug Rug Crochet Pattern

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Free crochet placemat pattern

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Easy Placemat Pattern Details

Skill Level



The pattern creates a placemat that is approx. w: 18” x h: 12” (without tassels).


4” x 4” = 9 sc and 16 rows (following the pattern)

Modern crochet placemats


Yarn: Each placemat requires approx. 240 yds of yarn. I recommend using size 4 worsted weight (either acrylic or cotton).

I used Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn, Solid in the colors Green Lagoon, Plum and Misty Blue. This yarn is medium (4) weight and 100% acrylic. The size is 4.5 oz / 127.5 g. A skein is 285 yds / 260 m. 

Crochet Hook Size: G/6 (4.25 mm). You may want to go up one hook size for the starting chains (optional). 

Other Materials: scissors, yarn needle and measuring tape. Optional: a piece of cardboard or any object that is 3” wide (to help cut tassels).


The pattern is written in English for right-handed crochet using US terminology. If you are more familiar with UK terminology, check out my US to UK Conversion Chart.


ch = chain
st = stitch
sts = stitches 
sk = skip 
sc = single crochet

Free crochet pattern for placemats

How to Adjust the Size

The pattern is made from the chain row up. To make the width of the placemat bigger or smaller, adjust the number of starting chains in multiples of 2 + 1 (meaning that your number of starting chains should be an odd number). To make the height of the placemat bigger or smaller, make more or fewer rows.

Please note: This pattern and all images associated with this pattern cannot be copied, shared, altered or sold on your own. You are welcome to sell the finished product but please include a link (if online) and reference

PDF Preview

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This pattern is also available as a PDF, which includes everything listed here but as a printer-friendly PDF that you can instantly download, save, print, make notes on and keep forever.

You can also purchase it on Etsy or Ravelry.

Crochet placemats

How to Crochet a Placemat

Easy Crochet Placemat Pattern Instructions

If you crochet tightly, you may want to go up one hook size for the starting chains (only).

Start: Chain 77.

For Row 1, work into the back ridge loops of each chain. 

Where to crochet in the chain

Row 1: In the 3rd ch from hook, sc (the space between your chains and the sc creates your first gap space, which will be important in the next row). *Ch 1. Sk the next ch. In the next ch, sc (gap space created).* Repeat from * to * across row. (Your final st is a sc in the last ch of the row). (38 sc made. 38 gap spaces created).

Row 2: Ch 2 and turn. In the 1st gap space from the previous row, sc (gap space created). *Ch 1. In the next gap space from the previous row, sc (gap space created).* Repeat from * to * across row. (Your final st is a sc in the space between the last sc and the first two starting chains from the first row). (38 sc made).

Moss Stitch Diagram

Row 3: Ch 2 and turn. In the 1st gap space from the previous row, sc (gap space created). *Ch 1. In the next gap space from the previous row, sc (gap space created).* Repeat from * to * across row. (Your final st is a sc in the space between the last sc and the two turning chains from the previous row). (38 sc made).

Row 4 and on: Repeat Row 3 until the height of your work measures approx. 12” (approximately 48 rows in total) or your desired height. 

All rows have the same number of stitches. You can end after any number of rows. After reaching your desired height, fasten off and weave in loose ends.

How to crochet placemats

Adding Fringe / Tassels

Watch how to add fringe / tassels to your crochet placemat (and how to trim the ends perfectly!). All the details for the tassels for this Easy Placemat pattern are included below this video.

You can also read this guide to How to Add Fringe / Tassels to your Crochet Project with step by step written instructions.

Adding Tassels to the Placemat

You will attach tassels to the left and right sides with either the front or back facing you. Place one tassel at the top, one at the bottom and the rest approx. every other row, all spaced evenly apart.

For 48 rows, make 24 tassels for each side (or your number of rows, divided by 2). Note: You may find you need less or more depending on how they are spaced. Just ensure even spacing between. 

Preparing Your Yarn for Tassels

Each tassel has 2 strands of yarn. For 48 tassels, you will need approx. 96 x 6” strands of yarn for tassels that are 3” long. 

Tip for cutting the the strands: find an object that is 3” wide (a piece of cardboard, a notebook, etc). Wrap your yarn around the 3” object 96 times. Cut the yarn in the middle to form individual strands. These 6” strands will be used as the tassels. 

For different sized tassels, cut smaller or larger strands.

Cutting Tassels

Attaching the Tassels

A) Take two strands of yarn, fold them in half and with your hook, pull the folded ends through the stitch (which creates a loop).

B) Pull the ends through the loop. 

C) Pull tight to make a knot. 

Tassels How To

Repeat for each tassel placement.

Cutting fringe / tassels

Trim the strands to make them all one length. I cut mine to be approx. 1.5”. You can use scissors or you can try this brilliant technique (pictured above) to get perfectly even ends – learn how in this guide on How to Add Fringe / Tassels to your Crochet Project.

And now you have a new placemat!

Crochet placemats pattern free

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