Crochet Patterns For Dogs

25+ Free Crochet Patterns for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Looking for things to crochet for dogs? This collection of 25+ free crochet patterns for dogs and dog lovers includes paw-fect dog crochet patterns such as crochet dog bandanas and beds as well as patterns for their owners…or anyone who loves dogs!

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Crochet Patterns for Dogs

One of my very first crochet designs was this Paw Print Pillow Cover and the inspiration came from the king of our house, Charlie, a Bernese Mountain Dog, who is very particular about his pillows.

Dog with Paw Print Pillow Cover Crochet Pattern

Since then, I’ve been a little obsessed with designing free crochet patterns for dogs. Charlie likes to test out all my patterns.

Since not all dogs love pillows as much as Charlie, I’ve scoured the internet and put together this ultimate collection of crochet patterns for dogs so you can find ideas for what to make for your dog (or someone else’s dog).

What to Crochet for Dogs?

If you are wondering what to crochet for dogs, you can crochet dog bandanas and beds for your dog (lots of wonderful free crochet dog bandanas and dog bed patterns are included below). Depending on your dog’s preference for clothing, you could also make your dog sweaters or hats.

You do want to ensure that anything you crochet for your dog is safe and that the item won’t get torn apart from your dog’s chewing, which could be very unsafe if swallowed. For collars or bandanas, it’s important to never leave a dog unsupervised while wearing them. Please take extra precautions to ensure whatever you make for your dog is safe at all times.*

*Jo to the World Creations is not liable for any damages caused by any of these patterns.

What Supplies Do You Need to Crochet for Dogs?

Most patterns for dogs use basic crochet supplies such as yarn, hook, measuring tape, yarn needle and scissors. There are some patterns, such as dog beds or pet stairs that may call for foam or pillow patterns that may call for a pillow insert.

What Can I Crochet for a Dog as a Beginner?

Making items for dogs is a great way to learn crochet – the recipient usually does not complain! Crochet dog bandanas are good patterns for beginners such as this Crochet Dog Bandana, which uses an easy granny stitch and this Tuxedo Dog Bandana, which uses very simple stitches.

Crochet Patterns Dog Lovers

I’m a very proud dog mom. Have you ever seen the shirt that says “I am only talking to my dog today” – I need one of those!

I love paw prints and anything that symbolizes my love of dogs.

Also included in this collection are patterns for dog lovers and they make fantastic crochet gifts for pet lovers!

Crochet Paw Print Bag Pattern

One of my favorites is this Crochet Paw Print Bag Pattern, which makes a wonderful gift for any dog lover…that you might want to keep for yourself!

Free Crochet Patterns for Dogs

Crochet Patterns for Dog Beds:

With this collection of free crochet patterns for dog beds, you can make a cozy, comfy place for your pup to sleep.

1) Bernat Crochet Burger Pet Bed

Crochet Dog Bed

This Bernat Crochet Burger Pet Bed might be the best thing I’ve ever seen! It’s from Yanspiration where you can download the free pattern. This crochet dog bed is made with cozy Bernat Blanket yarn, which is washable and dryable.

2) Pet Poof Dog Bed Crochet Pattern

Crochet dog bed pattern

This Pet Poof Dog Bed Crochet Pattern by Posh Pooch Designs makes a bed that is soft and durable. It’s made with a yarn that is actually designed for pets so it’s perfect for your dog’s new bed.

3) Bernat Crochet Pet Bed

Dog Bed Crochet Pattern

Made with Bernat Softee Chunky, this Bernat Crochet Pet Bed by Yarnspirations is very cute and soft. It’s got a lovely texture, making it a wonderful addition to your home.

4) Foam Dog Bed

Crochet Dog Bed Pattern

Learn how to crochet a foam dog bed with this wonderful pattern for a Foam Dog Bed by Stitches and Scraps that makes a supportive and comfortable place for your dog to sleep.

5) Bernat Crochet Pet Bed, Shiraz

Crochet Dog Bed Pattern

This Bernat Crochet Pet Bed features Bernat Blanket O’Go. You can download the free pattern from Yarnspirations and make this practical, comfortable pet bed for your dog.

Crochet Patterns for Dog Bandanas

Learn how to crochet a bandana for a dog with this wonderful collection of free crochet dog bandana patterns.

1) Crochet Dog Bandana

Crochet Dog Bandana

This sweet Crochet Dog Bandana by Blue Star Crochet is a free pattern that you can make in half an hour. It’s made with the granny stitch, which is easy and great for beginners.

2) Pretty Paws Pet Bandana

Pet bandana crochet pattern

Here’s an adorable Pretty Paws Pet Bandana by Crafty Kitty Crochet that you make from a basic square and then shape and decorate. You can also adjust the size for different breeds.

3) Crochet Dog Collar and Headband

Crochet Dog Headband and Collar

Golden Lucy Crafts has adorable patterns for dogs and this Crochet Dog Collar and Headband (by Golden Lucy Crafts) is no exception. If you’re looking to take some cute pics of your pup, these accessories would definitely add some cuteness.

4) Crochet Tuxedo Dog Bandana

Tuxedo Dog Bandana Crochet Pattern

Make this Tuxedo Dog Bandana Crochet Pattern for fancy occasions like New Year’s Eve, weddings or just a dressed-up walk in the park! You can make the bow and border with pink yarn for a girl. I don’t think there’s anything more adorable than dogs wearing tuxedo bandanas!

5) Christmas/Santa Dog Bandana

Santa Dog Bandana Free Crochet Pattern

This Christmas/Santa Dog Bandana has become a staple in our home at Christmastime. Charlie even wore it as we posed for our Christmas card! It’s a quick and easy pattern for dogs of all sizes and will ensure your pup can show their Christmas spirit.

6) Mrs. Claus Dog Bandana Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern Mrs Claus Bandana

For the Mrs. Paws in your life! Here’s a Mrs. Claus Dog Bandana Crochet Bandana that you can make for pets of all sizes.

More Crochet Patterns for Dogs

These free crochet patterns for dogs don’t fall into a specific category but are still great ideas for what to crochet for a dog.

1) Pet Stairs

Crochet Pet Stairs

If your dog needs assistance getting up on the couch, help your pup out with this fantastic Pet Stairs Crochet Pattern by Stitches and Scraps.

2) Bernat Dog Coat

Dog Coat Pattern

This cute Bernat Dog Coat by Yarnspirations uses Bernat Super Value yarn and creates a cozy and may I say, quite stylish coat for your dog.

3) Crochet Dog Hat

Dog Hat Crochet Pattern

This adorable Crochet Dog Hat Pattern Golden Lucy Crafts works up really quickly and uses only a small amount of yarn.

Paw Print Patterns

Here is a collection of my paw print patterns:

1) Paw Print Love Mat Crochet Pattern

Crochet Paw Print Love Mat (for Pet Dog or Cat) Pattern Free

Here’s a free Paw Print Love Mat Pattern to keep your pet’s eating/drinking area tidy. Show your pet the love with this step-by-step crochet pattern with a chart. It’s Charlie approved!

2) Paw Print Pillow Crochet Pattern

Paw Print Pillow Cover Crochet Pattern

This free crochet pattern for a Paw Print Pillow Cover is a quick, easy, fun crochet project for your home decor and makes a paw-fect gift for a dog lover. It’s a simple crochet pillowcase pattern and photo tutorial, a great intro to colorwork and creates a beautiful removable, cushion cover.

3) Paw Print Coasters Crochet Pattern

Paw Print Coasters Crochet Pattern

These Paw Print Crochet Coasters are fun, quick and easy to make. Learn how to crochet coasters and change colors in crochet (colorwork) with this simple square coaster set that makes a wonder-fur DIY gift for pet lovers.

4) Paw Print Blanket Crochet Pattern

Crochet Paw Print Blanket Pattern

This free Crochet Paw Print Blanket Pattern creates a large throw that is incredibly soft, warm and snuggly. You’ll love cuddling up under this delightful blanket, which makes a beautiful addition to your home decor.

5) Paw Print Bag Crochet Pattern

Crochet Paw Print Bag Pattern

This free Paw Print Bag Crochet Pattern is a perfect bag for toting around with your dog. It makes a wonderful gift for an animal lover or yourself! The pattern is fun to crochet and has easy-to-follow instructions and a chart.

Paw Print Bundle

Get all these Paw Print Patterns as print-ready, ad-free PDFs for one low price with the Paw Print Bundle.

Crochet Patterns for Dog Lovers

These patterns are great for any dog lover, pet owner or for yourself!

1) Easy Crochet Paw Print Christmas Ornament

Paw Print Ornaments

These Easy Crochet Paw Print Christmas Ornaments by Simply Hooked by Janet make a great gift pet loving friends and family. It’s a Christmas ornament with adorable paw prints. You’ll want to make some for yourself too!

2) Paw Print Scrubbies

Paw Print Scrubbies

These Paw Print Scrubbies by Crafty Kitty Crochet are a great quick gift or stocking stuffer idea for any pet lover.

3) Crochet Dog Hat

Dog hat crochet pattern

Here’s an adorable Crochet Dog Hat Pattern (for humans) by Lovable Loops.

4) Crochet Water Bottle Holder

Water Bottle Holder Crochet Pattern

No need to bring a purse when you’re out walking the dog – just bring this Crochet Water Bottle Holder. It’s great to have your hands free and still have water with you. The pattern is made with the beautiful Star Stitch.

5) Crochet Dog Emoji Blanket

Dog Emoji Blanket

Here’s a wonderful C2C Dog Emoji Blanket Crochet Pattern by Lovable Loops that is really fun to make and looks amazing when completed.

6) Paw Print Bookmark

Pawprint Bookmark

Curl up next to your pup with a good book and this Paw Print Bookmark by TimmelCrochet.

7) Paw Print Earrings

Paw Print Earrings

These Paw Print Earrings by Simply Hooked by Janet are so cute! They would make a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer.

I hope you found lots of inspiration for what to crochet for your dog and dog lovers!

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