Summer crochet projects

60+ Summer Crochet Projects

From summer crochet top patterns to summer hats and beach bags, you’ll find some of the best summer crochet projects in this collection of 60+ free crochet patterns for summer.

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Crochet Patterns for Summer

If you are looking for summer crochet patterns, you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find over 60 free crochet patterns for summer like this free Crochet Summer Headband pattern, which fits both kids and adults and is great for a windy day at the beach or pool.

Crochet summer headband

What to Crochet in Hot Weather?

Summer tops, beach bags, summer hats, shawls, dresses and small items such as summer headbands, sunglasses cases, coasters and freeze pop holders all make terrific summer crochet projects that you can crochet in hot weather. You can find crochet patterns for each of these below!

Many summer crochet patterns use cotton yarn, which does very well in the heat. A lot of designs for summer include crochet lace patterns that create loose, airy designs to keep you cool and comfortable such as this Easy Summer Top by Jewels and Jones.

Free summer crochet patterns

60+ Summer Crochet Projects – Free Crochet Patterns

Because there are so many wonderful summer crochet projects out there, I’ve grouped them into categories to help you find your next summer crochet project. Thank you to all the amazing designers for allowing me to feature their free summer crochet patterns in this collection.

Fun and Quick Summer Crochet Patterns

These fun and quick summer crochet patterns don’t take much time so can back the pool. Make a bookmark for your beach book or some freeze pop holders!

Fun and quick summer crochet patterns

1. Keychain Buddy by Jo to the World Creations

Summer is a great time for small crochet projects where there’s nothing too heavy weighing on you. This Keychain Buddy is the ultimate small pattern that is fun and quick to make. Because it can hold all your essential items, it can also save you from having to bring a purse everywhere in the summertime! 

2. Water Balloon Alternatives by Regina P Designs

These Water Balloon Alternatives will add a whole new layer of fun to your summer. Unlike water balloons, these Water Balloon Alternatives are environmentally friendly since they won’t break and leave balloon residue everywhere. 

3. Easy Bookmark by Jo to the World Creations

Catching up on some reading this summer? Make this Easy Bookmark for your poolside reading. It’s a super quick project. They are so fun to make and you can make lots in a short period of time. They sell great at craft shows and also make wonderful gifts. 

4. Sun Keychain by Stitch by Fay

This Sun Keychain is absolutely adorable. It’s a quick and happy summer project that will instantly brighten your keychain. 

5. Flower Freeze Pop Holder by Jo to the World Creations

Out of all the patterns I’ve ever made, this Flower Freeze Pop Holder gets the most use in our house! My girls won’t eat freezies without them. No more cold hands or sticky hands. This is a must-have summer pattern that both kids and parents will love. 

6. Saguaro Cactus by Eye Love Knots

This cactus is super cute. The free pattern even includes fun facts about the Saguaro Cactus.  

7. Crocodile Freeze Pop Holder by Jo to the World Creations

This Crocodile Freeze Pop Holder is a fun way to eat freezies while keeping your hands from getting cold and the freeze pop from dripping everywhere. It makes a great gift for any kid in your life! 

8. Fruity Ice Cream Cozies by Blackstone Designs

These Fruity Ice Cream Cozies are brilliant! Designed as fruit, they are both practical and useful. They keep your ice cream cold and your hands warm. 

9. Water Bottle Holder by Jo to the World Creations

When going for walks in the summer, it’s important to stay hydrated but bringing a purse or backpack just for carrying a water bottle can be annoying. Crochet to the rescue! With this Water Bottle Holder, you can bring water around your shoulder. It’s made with the beautiful star-stitch, which has a stunning look to it. 

10. Sunglasses Case by Jo to the World Creations

This Sunglasses Case is a great way to keep your sunglasses protected this summer. You can also use the case for eyeglasses or reading glasses. It’s a quick and fun pattern that you can make for yourself or to give as a gift. 

Flip Flop Crochet Chair Leg Covers

Nothing says summer more than flip-flops! Make these adorable (and useful!) Flip Flop Chair Socks to protect your chairs from scratching the floor.

Summer Crochet Top Patterns

These free summer crochet top patterns are breathable and fabulous! Look stunning in a homemade top that you’ll be proud to wear this summer.

Summer top crochet patterns

1. Aviva Summer Top by Hooked on Patterns

This free summer top pattern is beautiful. It’s a gorgeous casual tee that you can crochet yourself. It’s a very easy summer crochet project since it’s made with two identical panels and minimal shaping.  

2. Summer Top by A Crocheted Simplicity

Looking for summer garments with light-weight yarns? Look no further than this Summer Top with an open back and subtle waist shaping. Beautiful! 

3. Eyelet Lace Tee by Han Jan Crochet

This Eyelet Lace Tee is a quick and easy (and very popular) summer crochet top pattern. It’s a lace top that is constructed from two matching rectangles. It’s great for beginners as it uses basic stitches and there’s no shaping to worry about. 

4. Everly Tank by Cre8tion Crochet

This a lovely and fun crochet tank top that you can make in one color or two. It features a unique seaming technique and a beautiful design. Lovely! 

5. Cecilia Summer Top by Once Upon a Cheerio

This beautiful summer top is made with a bamboo/cotton blend yarn, which is excellent for summer since it’s very lightweight and breathable. Unlike other lace tops, this one is not too see-through. It’s a gorgeous top. 

6. Hawthorne Tee by Han Jan Crochet

Another wonderful summertime top by Han Jan Crochet is this Hawthorne Tee. It’s very flattering, airy and light. You can also customize it for your body shape and there are options for adapting the sleeves and neckline. 

7. Easy Summer Top by Jewels and Jones

This beautiful top has a simple stitch design and is easy to construct. There’s also a step-by-step video tutorial for this sleeveless summer top so you can easily follow along. 

8. Breezy Shell Tank by Cre8tions Crochet

If you are looking for an easy summer tank top, you’ll love this breezy shell tank. It’s constructed in two simple pieces and then stitched up the sides.

9. Wander Striped Tank Top by The Knotted Nest

The Knotted Nest has gorgeous designs and this tank top is one of them. Here’s what Nikki says about it: “The Wander Sweater Tank pairs the cozy texture of sweater ribbing with the open breeziness of the single crochet mesh stitch, making it a super versatile wardrobe staple!”

10. Lacy Summer Top by Blue Star Crochet

Here’s a beginner-friendly lacy summer top that is very easy to make. It’s made with just two pieces that are seamed together. You won’t want to take this top off! 

Crochet Summer Hat Patterns

Make a sun hat this summer with one of these free crochet summer hat patterns.

Crochet summer hat patterns

1. Baby Shark Sun Hat by Jo to the World Creations

This adorable Baby Shark Hat has a brim that will help keep the sun out of a baby’s eyes. 

2. Easy Bucket Hat by Make and Do Crew

This bucket hat is great for using scrap yarn. It is made with just single crochet stitches, which is perfect for mindless crocheting. And the hat is customizable. The pattern includes a video tutorial. 

3. Stop and Rewind Sunhat by A Crocheted Simplicity

This beautiful sunhat uses Lion Brand Rewind yarn. It’s a gorgeous design that makes a perfect sunhat for the summer. The pattern is easy to follow and includes step-by-step instructions. 

4. Granny Square Bucket Hat by Make and Do Crew

When I think of granny squares, I don’t usually think of hats but Make and Do Crew has come up with a brilliant design for a beautiful, creative hat using granny squares. This colourful pattern is both nostalgic and current. Plus, it’s practical as it keeps you shaded in the summer. 

Crochet Beach Bags and Summer Purses

These free crochet beach bag patterns are perfect to bring to the beach and can hold your yarn while you’re out enjoying the sun, such as this colorful bag:

Crochet Beach Bag Pattern

View this free Crochet Beach Bag Pattern.

Here are a lot more beach and summer bags. Need a lightweight summer purse? Check these out…

Crochet beach bags and summer purses

1. Crochet Tote Bag by Jo to the World Creations

This crochet tote bag is one of my most popular patterns and is great to use as a beach bag, shopping bag or everyday shoulder bag. It’s an easy pattern that includes a video tutorial. 

2. Crochet Bag for Beginners by MJs Off the Hook Designs

Looking for the perfect straw bag for summer? MJs Off the Hook Designs has got you covered. It’s easy enough for beginners and uses the Romanian cord technique for the strap, which makes it very strong. 

3. Walk this Way Handbag by Pine Tree Crochet

Pine Tree Crochet has designed a beautiful handbag that you can pair with your favorite summer outfit. This handbag is quick to make and uses the beautiful griddle stitch. It’s a fun summer bag pattern that looks gorgeous when complete.

4. Hayden Bag by Han Jan Crochet

I have one word for this Hayden Bag…wow! It uses mosaic crochet in the round. It’s made with one piece and has a seven-stitch repeat to achieve this unique design.

5. Summer Bag by Hooked on Patterns

If you’re looking for a small summer bag, you’ll love this design by Hooked on Patterns. No more lugging around a large bag in the hot weather. With this light summer bag, you can carry your essentials while still having a stylish bag.  

6. Tri-Stripe Tote by Pine Tree Crochet

Here’s a no-sew pattern that uses only single crochet stitches! It’s a quick bag to make and you can get creative with your color choices.

7. Tote Market Bag by Sandra Stitches

This Tote Market Bag is great for a quick trip to the shops this summer. Made with cotton yarn, you can wash and reuse this bag again and again. 

8. Retro Tote Bag by A Crocheted Simplicity

I absolutely love this Retro Tote Bag! It’s a gorgeous hexagon pattern with a pop of color. A Crocheted Simplicity describes it as “summer retro style meets function and versatility in this fun crochet hexagon tote bag.” 

9. Summer Stripes Beach Bag by Han Jan Crochet

Here’s another fantastic beach bag pattern. It is made with a half herringbone stitch, which gives a most beautiful texture. There’s no seaming or shaping making it a very easy pattern that is both classic and modern in design.

10. Star Flap Purse by Jo to the World Creations

This Star Flap Purse is great for a night out in the summer. It’s big enough to hold your essentials without needing to lug around a huge bag in the heat. You can make it for yourself or for kids – I made one for my daughter for her birthday and filled it with goodies. 

Crochet beach bags and summer purses

11. Pineapple Gift Bag by Eye Love Knots

This Pineapple Gift bag is SO cute! It’s a great gift bag for the summer and definitely one of the most unique summer bag patterns I’ve ever seen. 

12. Chevron Market Bag by Cre8tion Crochet

This Chevron Market Bag comes in two sizes. You can use it as a beach bag too! Get creative with your color combinations with this bag that’s fun to make and stylish. 

13. Raffia Bag by Blue Star Crochet

You can make this bag in a day! It uses only basic stitches so it’s easy enough for a beginner to make. It’s a perfect summer bag that looks like something you would buy at a store.

14. Double Waves Beach Bag by Blackstone Designs

Made with t-shirt yarn, this bag is sturdy and strong – perfect for holding all your beach gear. 

15. Pine Tree Pocket Purse by Pine Tree Crochet

Here’s a great mini bag with a lovely texture and interesting colors. It makes a great accessory for a summer day or night out! 

Crochet Summer Dresses and Cover-Ups

These free crochet summer dresses are airy and not too hot. Or make a crochet cove- up for the pool!

Crochet summer dresses and cover ups

1. Summer Cover-Up by Yarn Craftee

This Summer Cover-Up is great for summer wear or for an extra layer. It’s a gorgeous color and a lovely way to stay comfortable in the heat while still looking decent. 

2. Adelaide Girl Dress by Stitching Together

This is such an adorable summer dress! I love the color, design and how easy is it to make. Plus it takes less time to crochet than a scarf! 

3. Swim Cover-Up by Banana Moon Studio

Here’s an excellent summer project. It’s made the Arcade Stitch and is perfect to wear at the pool or beach! 

4. Namib Dress by Knitting with Chopsticks

This dress is great for beginners as there are no increases or decreases required! The pattern is available in sizes XS to 5XL making it a wonderful summer dress for every body shape. 

5. Lacy Summer Cover-Up by Meladora’s Creations

You can customize this lacy cover-up top for any size. I love this color, it’s very summer and reminds me of my favorite ice cream flavour. 

Crochet Summer Cardigan and Shawl Patterns

These free crochet summer cardigan patterns and crochet shawl patterns are perfect for those breezy summer nights. Look amazing and feel comfortable in one of these elegant designs.

Crochet summer cardigan patterns and shawl patterns

1. Easy Triangle Shawl Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

This very easy Triangle Crochet Shawl Pattern (free!) is a simple one-stitch repeat using only basic stitches. The free pattern (with a video tutorial) creates a fashionable, modern, lace crochet shawl, which is great in the summer or to wear in between seasons. 

2. Peek-A-Boo Cardigan by MJs Off The Hook Designs

This Peek-A-Book Cardian is a great summer cardigan pattern that is quick to make. 

3. Sunset Shawl by Desert Blossom Crafts

This Sunset Shawl is a lightweight shawl pattern that is made with a stunning lace stitch. It’s perfect for a summer night. 

4. Magnolia Summer Cardigan by The Knotted Nest

This easy summer cardigan is made with just two rectangles – no increasing or decreasing! It’s a beautiful cardigan that looks store-bought and super professional but is actually a great first garment project. 

5. Picot Fan Wrap by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Looking for a wrap to wear to a summer bonfire? You’ll love this Picot Fan Wrap. It uses picot stitches and shells with spacing (fans) to create this gorgeous wrap that doubles as a scarf!

6. Ariel Boho Summer Cardigan by Knitting with Chopsticks

With easy lace construction, this Ariel Boho Summer Cardigan is a wonderful easy boho summer pattern. 

7. Summer Shawl by Blue Star Crochet

Here’s a lightweight summer shawl for the warmer summer months that may become the staple of your summer wardrobe! 

8. Elegant Cocoon Cardigan by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This is a beautiful cardigan that you can wear in the spring, summer and early autumn. It’s made with an easy stitch and the pattern includes step-by-step instructions. 

Summer Crochet Patterns for the Home

Decorate your home with these summer crochet pillows, blankets, coasters and dishcloths!

Summer crochet patterns for the home

1. Sunflower Pillow by Jo to the World Creations

t’s fun in the summer to change up your home decor and removable pillow covers are the perfect, most inexpensive way to do that. This Sunflower Pillow will instantly brighten up your home. 

2. Sunflower Coaster by Hooked on Patterns

These sunflower coasters will keep those cold drinks from dripping all over your table. And they are beautiful! 

3. Slice of Summer Coaster by Golden Lucy Crafts

On the cute factor scale of 1 to 10, these are definitely an 11+. These summer coasters are sure to bring smiles to anyone who sees them. 

4. Flower Dishcloth by Jo to the World Creations

Add color to your kitchen with these vibrant flower dishcloths. Made with cotton yarn, these dishcloths are practical and also look beautiful. 

5. Rainbow Coaster by Stitch by Fay

I love these colourful rainbow coasters. They are a quick and fun to make and will cheer up any space. 

6. Wine Coasters by Jo to the World Creations

These wine coasters are great for having a glass of wine on your deck this summer. They also make a great gift for any wine drinker in your life. 

7. Unique Flower Coaster by Desert Blossom Crafts

These beautiful flower coasters and great for sprucing up your home decor. 

Summer crochet projects for the home

8. Watermelon Slice Applique by Eye Love Knots

These adorable watermelons are fun and quick summertime projects. 

9. Simple Baby Blanket by Jo to the World Creations

This Simple Baby Blanket is made with size 3 (light) yarn and a large hook, which creates a lightweight fabric and is the perfect summertime baby blanket. It’s a beginner-friendly pattern with easy instructions and a full video tutorial. 

10. Summer Blanket by One Little Hook

This modern summer blanket is an open mesh-style throw with forked cluster switches and tassel corners.  

11. Plant Cozy by Simply Melanie Jane

This Simply Beachy Plant Cozy will allow you to bring the beach to your home. It’s made with cotton yarn and styled with the colors of sand and seashells. It’s a perfect accessory for a beach-themed room. 

12. Summer Table Runner by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This summer table runner is perfect for an outdoor table. I love the design and how colourful it is! 

13. Pineapple Pillow by A Crafty Concept

I love unique designs and I have such an admiration for the designers who come up with these. I never would have thought of a pineapple pillow but it’s absolutely wonderful! 

I hope this collection has helped you find your next summer crochet project.

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