Free Wine Coasters Crochet Pattern

About these Wine Crochet Coasters

  • Each crochet coaster works up quickly and they use only a small amount of yarn (great for scrap-busting!)
  • The finished size is approx 5.5″ x 5.5″, which is perfect for any wine glass.
  • The pattern includes step by step instructions on how to make these crochet wine coasters as well as a chart to help you follow along.

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Wine Coasters Free Crochet Pattern

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Wine Coaster Crochet Pattern Details


Easy (colorwork and simple stitches)


Each coaster is approx 5.5” x 5.5”


4″ x 4″ = 15 sc and 17 rows


Yarn: Any worsted weight (size 4) or cotton (size 4) yarn. I used Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn, Solid in A) Green Lagoon B) Pale Gray and C) Rich Orchid & Golden Beige. This yarn is medium (4) weight and 100% acrylic. 

One coaster requires approx 44 yds: 

Main Color (A) – 13 yds
Glass Color (B) – 7 yds
Wine Color (C) – 10 yds
Border – 7 yds 

Crochet Hook Size: F/5 (3.75mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Supplies for Back of Coaster (Optional): Felt for the back of each coaster (a 4.5″ x 4.5″ square piece for each coaster), glue (I used Fabric Fusion glue by Aleene’s).

Other: Yarn Needle, Scissors.


This Wine Coasters Crochet Pattern is written in English for right-handed crochet using standard US crochet terminology. If you’re more familiar with UK terminology, check out my US to UK Conversion Chart.


ch = chain
st = stitch
sts = stitches 
sl st = slip stitch 
sc = single crochet
RS = Right Side: The front of the coasters
WS = Wrong Side: The back of the coasters

How to Crochet With Two Colours

New to colorwork? Read my step by step guide: How to Crochet with Two Colors. It goes over everything you’ll read in this pattern but with more detail so that you can be a pro in colorwork in no time!

Crochet Wine Coasters Pattern Notes:

  • Each row has 19 stitches.
  • Ch 1 and turn after every row. 
  • Ch 1 does not count as a stitch.
  • Always work in the 1st st (the st attached to ch).
  • Catch your float every 4-6 stitches (learn how to catch/trap floats here). 
  • Stretch your coaster wide after each row.
  • Ensure all strands are always kept on the wrong side of the work.
  • Add/switch color when you have two loops of the old color on the sc stitch BEFORE the new color stitch.
  • Leave long starting and end tails (approx 24”) when attaching and fastening off for all colors. Once finished, you will use these to help shape the wine glass. 

Wine Coasters Color Legend

A = Main Color (background)
B = Glass Color 
C = Wine Color 

Color legend

Please note: This pattern and all images associated with this pattern cannot be copied, shared, altered or sold on your own. You are welcome to sell the finished product but please include a link (if online) and reference

PDF Preview

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This pattern is also available as a PDF, which includes everything listed here but as a printer-friendly PDF that you can instantly download, save, print, make notes on and keep forever.

You can also purchase it on Etsy and Ravelry.

Wine Crochet Coasters Instructions

(Pattern chart is below)

If you crochet tightly, you may want to go up a hook size for the starting chains (only) to ensure you can work more easily into the back ridge loop on Row 1. 

Foundation Row: With A (Main Color), chain 20. (Leave a 24” starting tail)

Row 1 (RS): (Continue using A for all of Row 1) Sc into the back ridge loop of the 2nd ch from hook (see pic below for where back ridge loop is). Sc in each back ridge loop across. Reminders: each row has 19 sts. Ch 1 and turn after each row.

Where to crochet in the chain

(Work in both loops from now on.)

Note About Colorwork Instructions: 

In the next row, you will begin changing colors. Every stitch is a single crochet (sc). The pattern does not say to sc because it gets too jumbled. Instead it says something like: A x 6, B x 7, A x 6 which means: using A (Main Color), sc for 5 sts, add B (Glass Color) yarn on the last (the 6th) st. Using B, sc for 6 sts (remember to catch your float every 4-6 stitches), on the last (the 7th) st, change back to A. With A, sc for 6 sts.

Remember to leave 24” inch starting and end tails when attaching and fastening off for all colors. 

Color Legend Reminder:
A = Main Color (background)
B = Glass Color 
C = Wine Color 

Row 2 (WS): A x 6, B x 7, A x 6. 

Row 3 (RS): A x 8, B x 3, A x 8.

Row 4 (WS): A x 9, B x 1, A x 9. 

Rows 5 – 9: Repeat Row 4. 

Row 10 (WS): A x 8, B x 3, A x 8.

You can either leave B hanging or if it gets in your way, fasten it off. 

Wine Glass Crochet Coasters

Row 11 (RS): A x 7, C x 5, A x 7.

Row 12 (WS): A x 6, C x 7, A x 6.

Row 13 (RS): A x 5, C x 9, A x 5.

Rows 14 – 16: Repeat Row 13. 

Fasten off C. 

Row 17 (RS): A x 5, B x 9, A x 5. 

Row 18 (WS): Repeat Row 17.

Fasten off B.

Row 19 (RS): With A, sc in each st across. 

Row 20 (WS): Repeat Row 19.

Fasten off. 


Using your yarn needle, use the tails and sew over any color gaps created by the stitches to help shape the wine glass for a more polished look. Try to replicate the natural direction of the stitches. 


Wine Coasters Border

With coaster facing you, attach your border color (I used the Wine Color) with a sl st into any corner. Make 2 sc in same corner st. Sc around, making 3 sc in each remaining corner st. When back at start, sl st into 1st sc to join. 

Fasten off and weave in loose ends. 

Blocking (Optional)

After completing the entire pattern, I would recommend blocking these coasters by pinning them down (with rust proof pins), spraying with water and leaving them to dry. Do not iron! Blocking helps the corners of the coasters not curl up, ensures the coaster lies flat and holds the square shape.

Felt Backs (Optional)

I attached felt backs to the coasters to make them have a smooth bottom and hide the carried yarn.

I attached the felt to the back of the coasters with Aleene’s Fabric Fusion glue and followed these steps:

  • Cut your felt into a 4” x 4” square
  • Round out the corners (I found this made the back look nicer)
  • Put the fabric glue all around (approximately .75” away from edge).
  • Flatten the glue to ensure there isn’t a big bump when it dries (I used a piece of cardboard to spread it)
  • Lay your felt square onto the back and press down. Leave to dry completely.

Wine Crochet Coasters Pattern Chart

Wine Coasters Chart

Chart Legend

  • White square = sc with A (Main Color) 
  • Light grey square = sc with A (Main Color) on wrong side rows
  • Dark grey square = sc with B (Glass Color)
  • Black square = sc with C (Wine Color) 

Crochet Wine Coasters Pattern

And ta-da! Now you have wine-derful new coasters! 

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