Crochet Hook Sizes Chart

Crochet Hook Sizes Chart

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Do you need help choosing the right hook size? How do you determine which hook size to use? This post explains how to get hooked on crochet! Plus, save and easily reference this handy Crochet Hook Sizes Chart that outlines the US letter and number and the metric conversion so that you select the correct hook for your project.

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Crochet Hook Sizes

Are you bombarded with hook numbers, letters, sizes, colors, types? In addition to all the different sizes, there are a lot of different types of hooks. I primarily use basic crochet hooks. I’m sure all the other ones are awesome but if you’re confused with what to start with, you can’t go wrong with a basic hook.

Now that you have your type, you need to choose which size hook to use based on the project you are going to be working on. The yarn label will actually tell you which hook is best for that exact skein of yarn. You’re best bet is to follow the yarn label unless a pattern specifically tells you to use a different hook. And of course, you will want to check your gauge.

If you don’t have a yarn label and you’re just starting out, I would recommend using worsted weight yarn and an H/8 (5.00 mm) or an I/9 (5.50 mm) hook to start.

Here is the Crochet Hook Sizes Chart that outlines the US letter and number and the metric conversion that can help you select the correct hook for your project.

Crochet Hook Sizes Chart

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Crochet Hook Sizes

B/1 = 2.25 mm
C/2 = 2.75 mm
D/3 = 3.25 mm
E/4 = 3.50 mm
F/5 = 3.75 mm
G/6 = 4.00 mm
H/8 = 5.00 mm
I/9 = 5.50 mm
J/10 = 6.00 mm
K/10.5 = 6.50 mm
L/11 = 8.00 mm
M/N-13 = 9.00 mm
N/P-15 = 10.00 mm
P/16 = 11.5 mm

If you’d like more information, check out AllFreeCrochet’s overview on choosing the right hook size.

For more charts like this, check out the Tips & Tools page.

And now that you’re armed with the right size hook, take a look at what to make with these free crochet gift ideas patterns.

Happy Hooking!? I never thought I’d say that!

Crochet Hook Sizes Chart