Yarn Weights and Types

Yarn Weights and Types Chart

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How to choose the right yarn for a project. There are seven different sizes and within each size, there are categories of yarn. Each pattern will recommend a yarn weight as your choice of yarn will determine the thickness of the final product. This handy Yarn Weights & Types Chart has each of the seven sizes and the corresponding categories.

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Yarn Weights and Types Chart

When starting a project, you’ll need to select your yarn (does that mean trip to the yarn store?! the little voice in my head is shouting yahoo! and doing a happy dance).

It’s not hoarding if it’s yarn, right?

Depending on the project you will select your yarn based on how thick it is (the yarn weight).

There are seven different sizes and every yarn label will show a number, letting you know how thick the yarn is. Then within those numbers there are categories of yarn (worsted, DK, chunky). Your pattern may say to use sport weight yarn, for example. You can now refer to this handy chart and know that you will need size (2) weight yarn for that project.

Yarn Weights and Types Chart

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In addition to the number symbol, the yarn label will also show you what is the recommended hook size for that particular yarn weight. That information is very helpful when choosing the right hook size. If you need help choosing a hook size, follow this link for a Crochet Hook Sizes Chart.

Thanks to the Craft Yarn Council for these images. They are a wonderful resource when learning how to crochet.

I hope this helps as you go pick out some new yarn…can I come too?!