Baby Girl Crochet Blanket Patterns

30+ Beautiful Baby Girl Crochet Blanket Patterns

Need some crochet baby girl blanket pattern ideas? Find your next crochet blanket for girls with this incredible collection of 30+ modern, beautiful and easy baby girl blanket crochet patterns (free!).

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Crochet Baby Girl Blanket Ideas

Looking for ideas for a baby girl crochet blanket pattern? Here you will find over 30 stunning and simple baby girl blanket crochet patterns and tutorials.

I’ll never forget reading the words: “It’s a girl!” when we found out the gender of our first baby. Our prenatal nurse put the gender reveal in a sealed envelope and we opened it on Christmas morning. I was already 9 months pregnant. Charlie was very excited he was getting a sister!

Baby girl gender reveal

Up until the point we found out we were having a girl, I made countless generic crochet baby blankets that would suit either gender.

Once we knew a baby girl was on the way, I started searching for baby girl-specific crochet blankets. But I struggled to find beautiful, easy baby girl blanket patterns. So I started designing my own!

Crochet Baby Blankets for Girls

Four years later I had my second baby girl. I think having two daughters and crocheting countless baby girl blankets has made me quite familiar with crochet blanket stitches and borders that look gorgeous on a girl’s blanket.

I try not to make all my baby blanket patterns for girls and you can see many of my blanket designs for boys in this collection of Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Patterns. But I can share firsthand how truly special it is to see a baby girl wrapped up in a beautiful blanket that you crocheted with love.

To save you the time searching for a good, simple and modern baby girl blanket, I’ve curated my favorite baby girl blanket patterns into one collection that you will see below. The blankets featured in this collection include my own designs as well as patterns from incredible designers around the world.

Crochet Baby Girl Blanket Patterns Free

Easy Baby Girl Crochet Blanket Patterns

Most of the patterns in this collection are in the skill level of easy crochet baby girl blankets. However, if you are new to crocheting, I recommend starting with a pattern that is aimed at absolute beginners.

Crochet Baby Blanket for Beginners

In my detailed guide on How to Crochet a Baby Blanket for Beginners, you’ll learn exactly how to make a beautiful crochet baby blanket (pictured above). This guide includes step-by-step instructions and a full video tutorial as well as a ton of useful links and resources for beginners.

Once you’ve learned the basics of crocheting a baby blanket, you should be well-equipped to make all of these blanket patterns listed below.

Baby Girl Crochet Blanket Borders/Edging

In addition to finding a beautiful stitch for your baby girl’s crochet, it’s also important to find a pattern with a beautiful border. Blanket edging can really complete the look of your project as well as provide support for the blanket body.

Crochet Baby Girl Blanket Borders / Edging

In this collection of patterns (below), you will find gorgeous borders and edging for a baby girl crochet blanket. Some ideas for a girl’s blanket border/edging include:

  • Shells/scalloped border – made by making five rounds of single crochet stitches followed by a final round of shells/scallops (as seen in my Easy Shell Blanket)
  • V-Stitch border – made my making a half double crochet stitch, a chain stitch and another half double crochet stitch in the same stitch. In the following round, V-stitches are made into the space created by the chain stitches. It is easier than it sounds and looks beautiful when complete (as seen in my Beautiful Baby Blanket).
  • Textured edging – alternating between single crochet and triple/treble crochet stitches (as seen in my Hearts Puff Stitch Baby Blanket).
  • Lacy & large shell border – made by making a number of rounds of V-stitches followed by a round of large shells (as seen in my Lacy Baby Blanket)

Crochet Blankets for Baby Girls – Free Patterns

Now let’s find your next baby girl blanket to crochet! Here are over 30 modern and beautiful crochet blankets for baby girls.

Simple Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

I designed this Simple Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I wanted a blanket that was budget-friendly (it uses only one skein), works up quickly, doesn’t have any big holes and looks stunning when complete. It’s become my most popular baby blanket pattern and includes a video tutorial.

Color Salad Baby Blanket

Color Salad Baby Blanket

The Color Salad Baby Blanket by Raffamsa Designs features charming solid granny squares in a delightful array of colors, creating a cozy and vibrant keepsake for your little one.

Sunset Chevron Baby Blanket

Sunset Chevron Baby Blanket

This Sunset Chevron Baby Blanket by Little World of Whimsy showcases the timeless chevron stitch for a classic yet modern touch. Its rhythmic peaks and valleys create a visually captivating and snuggly masterpiece.

Lacy Baby Blanket

Lacy Baby Blanket

This Lacy Baby Blanket by A Crocheted Simplicity offers a lightweight and airy design, perfect for keeping your little one comfortably cozy without overheating, making it an ideal choice for warmer weather or layering.

Textured V-Stitch Crochet Blanket

Crochet V-Stitch Blanket Pattern

This Textured V-Stitch Crochet Blanket is a beautiful blanket to make for a baby girl (you can use more feminine colors if you would like). The one-stitch repeat pattern creates a thick, squishy and tactile fabric that is also very lightweight and has wonderful drape. There are detailed instructions and a full video tutorial showing how to make the blanket.

Simple Beginner Lapghan

Simple Beginner Lapghan

This Simple Beginner Lapghan by Meladora’s Creations is wonderfully uncomplicated yet richly textured, making it a perfect project for beginners looking to create a tactile and comforting masterpiece for their little ones.

Beautiful Baby Blanket

Beautiful Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

The Beautiful Baby Blanket by Jo to the World Creations where simplicity meets elegance. Its stunning border adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise straightforward design, resulting in a beautiful and timeless keepsake for your bundle of joy.

Bubblegum Kisses Baby Blanket

Bubblegum Kisses Baby Blanket

The Bubblegum Kisses Baby Blanket by A Crocheted Simplicity ingeniously combines square and stripe elements to form a captivating squared stripe design. The interplay of these geometric shapes adds a playful and visually appealing dimension to the cozy blanket.

Double Waffle Baby Blanket

Double Waffle Baby Blanket

The Double Waffle Baby Blanket by My Crochet Space uses the textured, raised squares of the waffle stitch to create a cozy and inviting blanket.

Textured Chevron Blanket

Chevron crochet blanket pattern

This Textured Chevron Blanket by Jo to the World Creations combines the classic chevron stitch with the playful bobble stitch to create a textured blanket that’s both visually captivating and cozy.

Spoke Flower Blanket

Spoke Flower Blanket

The Spoke Flower Blanket by The Crochet Fix takes the shape of a radiant flower, radiating from a central bloom. It’s a charming and unique way to add a touch of floral elegance to your baby’s nursery.

Modern Baby Blanket

Modern Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

This sweet and subtle Modern Baby Blanket is a great choice for beginners or experienced crocheters. It’s made with only basic stitches and works up quickly.

Lotte Lace Blanket

Lotte Lace Blanket

The Lotte Lace Blanket by Blue Star Crochet is adorned with exquisite shell lace stitches and a delicate lacy border. Combining these intricate details creates a timeless, heirloom-quality piece that’s perfect for wrapping your little one in warmth and elegance.

Crochet Rainbow Blanket

Rainbow Crochet Blanket

This Crochet Rainbow Blanket by Jo to the World Creations features the ripple stitch, creating a playful and vibrant rainbow effect. It’s a delightful and cheerful addition to any nursery, promising both comfort and visual joy for your little one.

Candy Stripes Lapghan

Candy Stripes Blanket

The Candy Stripes Lapghan by A Crocheted Simplicity is designed to bring a sense of fun and creativity to your project by forming captivating diagonal stripes.

Striped Heart Tunisian Baby Blanket

Striped Heart Crochet Baby Blanket

The Striped Heart Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket by Make it Crochet is adorned with sweet striped hearts that radiate love and warmth. Each heart adds a touch of tenderness to the blanket.

Blossoms Bloom Baby Blanket

Blossom Bloom Baby Blanket

The Blossom Bloom Baby Blanket by This Pixie Creates showcases charming stripes adorned with dainty little flower motifs scattered throughout. The combination of stripes and blossoms creates a delightful and whimsical design.

Lacy Baby Blanket

Lacy Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

This Lacy Baby Blanket by Jo to the World Creations combines intricate shell stitches with a playful fan stitch border, resulting in a beautifully textured and elegant design.

Caron Textured Baby Blanket

Caron Textured Baby Blanket

The Caron Textured Baby Blanket by Yarnspirations’ rich and tactile design promises a snuggly haven for your little one, making it a must-have addition to any nursery.

Elayan’s Afghan

Elayan's Afghan

Elayan’s Afghan by A Crocheted Simplicity creates a captivating design by starting with a central square and repeating it outward, forming a mesmerizing and symmetrical blanket that’s as fun to make as it is to cuddle with.

Continuous Granny Square Blanket

Continuous Granny Square Baby Blanket

This Continuous Granny Square Blanket by Jo to the World Creations is a continuous granny square that grows outward with each round, creating a captivating and symmetrical design. It’s a delightful project for crafting a cozy and visually appealing blanket for your little one.

Adelie Granny Square Blanket

Adelie Granny Square Blanket

The Adelie Granny Square Blanket by Knitting with Chopsticks is composed of traditional granny squares that come together to create a cozy and nostalgic masterpiece, perfect for wrapping your little one in comfort and nostalgia.

Bernat Sleepy Valley Baby Blanket

Bernat Sleepy Valley Baby Blanket

The Bernat Sleepy Valley Baby Blanket by Yarnspirations utilizes soft and fuzzy yarn to craft rippled stripes that add both visual interest and a luxurious touch.

Crochet Star Blanket

Star crochet pattern blanket

This Crochet Star Blanket by Jo to the World Creations is intricately shaped like a dazzling 12-pointed star. This celestial-inspired design adds a touch of wonder and enchantment to your baby’s environment, making it a truly special piece.

Butterfly Garden Square

Butterfly Garden Square Blanket

The Butterfly Garden Square by Flo’s Crafty Crochet features granny squares adorned with charming flower motifs, creating a garden of beauty and warmth. It’s a whimsical and enchanting addition to any nursery.

Easy Crochet Blanket

Easy Crochet Blanket

This Easy Crochet Blanket by Made by Gootie is a breeze for beginners while offering a wealth of tactile pleasure through its textured design. Its simplicity meets coziness, making it a perfect project for creating a snuggly masterpiece for your little one.

Hollies Baby Blanket

Hollies Baby Blanket

The Hollies Baby Blanket by LisaAuch Crochet has a luxurious texture and is enhanced by the captivating wave stitch that forms a one-of-a-kind border.

Classic Baby Blanket

Crochet Baby Blanket Free Pattern

This Classic Baby Blanket by Jo to the World Creations is incredibly simple and speedy to work up, resulting in a crochet baby blanket that effortlessly blends vintage charm with a modern, timeless, and undeniably beautiful aesthetic.

Hearts Baby Blanket

Hearts Baby Blanket

This Heart Baby Blanket by Knitting with Chopsticks uses the artful technique of filet crochet to craft delicate hearts that adorn the entire blanket, infusing it with a heartfelt and charming design, perfect for your little one’s nursery.

Caron One Skien Baby Blanket

Caron One Skein Baby Blanket

This One Skein Baby Blanket by Yarnspirations is wonderfully beginner-friendly, featuring open stitches that create an airy and lightweight design. It’s the perfect project for crafting a soft and breathable blanket that’s ideal for your little one.

Lacy Baby Blanket

Lacy Baby Blanket

This Lace Baby Blanket by Fosbas Designs artfully combines multiple crochet stitches to fashion a one-of-a-kind blanket. The rich blend of stitches adds texture and visual intrigue, making it a truly unique and captivating addition to any nursery.

Hearts Puff Stitch Baby Blanket

Hearts Puff Stitch Crochet Baby Blanket

The Heart Puff Stitch Baby Blanket by Jo to the World Creations employs delightful puff stitches to form adorable little hearts that pepper the entire blanket, infusing it with a touch of love and charm.

Carrie Blanket

Carrie Blanket

The Carrie Blanket by Flo’s Crafty Crochet uses filet crochet to weave delicate hearts and miniature butterflies throughout the design. The combination of these intricate elements adds a touch of whimsy and love to this truly special blanket.

Crochet Shell Baby Blanket Pattern

Easy Shell Blanket

This Easy Shell Crochet Blanket Pattern is perfect for beginners or experienced crocheters looking for a relaxing project. It’s a simple yet stunning pattern that works up quickly and looks beautiful when complete. The pattern includes step-by-step written instructions with diagrams and a full video tutorial.

I hope this has helped you find your next baby girl blanket crochet pattern!

More Crochet Baby Blankets

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