Crocheter Definition

After extensive research I can confirm that the definition for crocheter is “one who crochets.” 

Crocheter defintion

But let me backup and take you on my journey to confirming the definition of the word crocheter. 

I’ve always called myself a crocheter. As an English major, I love looking at word meanings and definitions. I was shocked when I recently looked up the definition of crocheter in several prominent dictionaries and received a “no results found” message. 

This lead me on the search for the definition of the word crocheter and to see if it was really a word. 

While the definition for crochet is very clearly outlined such as in, crochet means: “needlework done with a needle having a small hook at one end for drawing the thread or yarn through intertwined loops.”

But dictionaries like Merriam Webster, don’t actually list a definition for “crocheter.” Same with Cambridge Dictionary who said: Sorry! Wed didn’t find crocheter in English.

Crocheter Meaning

Crocheter Meaning 

With many dictionaries not listing crocheter, I began to go down a very deep rabbit hole researching if crocheter is actually a word.

I first checked my go-to place for all things crochet, The Crochet Guild of America and found 69 Records on their site that includes the term “crocheter.” 

In their History of CGOA page, they specifically state that they established the “organization exclusively for crocheters.” 

Then I looked at several of the best of the best crocheters in the industry to see if they are using the term. 

My fellow Nova Scotia crochet designer, the Crochet Crowd is one of the absolute best and when searching their site found over 500 search results for the term “crocheter.” 

In addition to these two sources, and I found countless others, I can confirm that the word crocheter is indeed an actual word and is used extensively in the crochet community and means: “someone who makes something using crochet.” It can also mean “someone who enjoys the hobby of crochet.”

What is a person who does crochet called?

Someone who does crochet is called a crocheter, meaning that they make items out of yarn or string using a special hook. 

How do I become a crocheter?

I became a crocheter when I was pregnant with my first child and knew absolutely nothing. By the time I she was born, I was crocheting like a pro. Here are my tips to becoming a crocheter:

  1. Use a big hook and bright yarn
  2. Watch video tutorials on the basic crochet stitches and watch how they hold their hook and yarn.
  3. Learn a slip knot first and then the basic stitches such as chain, single and double crochet stitches. 
  4. Practice while making small projects like dishcloths. 
  5. Learn about crochet gauge. 

Read all my tips for how to become a crocheter.

Ready to start crocheting? Check out all my free crochet patterns.

Crocheter Gifts 

Many people know someone who crochets and wonder what to get a crocheter as a gift. There are many fantastic gifts suited for crocheters including customized crochet hooks, yarn bags, crochet hook cases, funny crochet mugs. Here are 30 of the best gifts for crocheters

What is a Crocheter?

A crocheter is someone who crochets. They may have enjoy crochet as a hobby. They make items such as garments, blankets, toys, home decor items – almost any kind of item, using yarn or string and a special crochet hook that is has a curved end to it to make stitches.

I for one am very proud crocheter and I hope you found this definition and meaning of the word “crocheter” helpful.