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30 Gifts for Crocheters in 2023

Looking for gifts for crocheters? This list of 30 gift ideas for crocheters will help you find gifts for people who crochet as each of these presents make perfect gifts for crochet lovers. Find the perfect Christmas, birthday, anniversary or just because gifts for the crocheter in your life.

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Gifts for People Who Crochet

I’ve surveyed hundreds of crocheters and put together this ultimate list of gifts for people who crochet. No crochet experience is necessary to find the best gifts for the crocheter in your life thanks to this list of gifts for crochet lovers.

Whether you are looking for gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or really any occasion, this list contains some of absolute best gifts for people who crochet.

Gift and crochet supplies

Gifts for People Who Like to Crochet

For those who love to crochet, receiving a crochet-related gift is sure to go over well. It can be difficult if you don’t crochet yourself to know exactly what to get, which is why I’ve put together this collection of gifts that you absolutely can’t go wrong with. You can give the crocheter in your life a funny mug, shirt or bag or something personalized like personalized crochet hooks or a personalized notebook. You’ll find lots more ideas of what to get a crocheter as a gift below.

Christmas Gifts for Crocheters

A good Christmas gift for a crocheter may seem tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with crocheting. You want your Christmas present to be useful, appropriate and thoughtful. To help make the search easier, I’ve put together this ultimate collection of the absolute best gifts for the crochet lover in your life. 

Whether your loved one is a beginner or an experienced crocheter, these crochet gadgets and yarn-specific products are wonderful Christmas gifts for a crocheter.

Best Gifts for Crocheters

This post may contain affiliate links meaning I may receive commission for purchases made through links in this post at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I use this money to buy more yarn! Read more

30 Best Gifts for Crochet Lovers in 2023

While there are so many great ideas below of what to give a crocheter for Christmas or other occasions, I want to highlight one item in particular that has been an absolute game changer for crocheting and is my top recommendation of what to get a crocheter this year…

Wool Jeanie

Yarn Jeanie
Photo credit: AllClassicGifts on Etsy

This Wool Jeanie is incredible. I use mine every single day. It keeps the skein from rolling around, keeps your tension perfect and fits many different size skeins. It’s quiet, there are no batteries required and it’s very easy to change out the skeins. You can crochet so much faster with it because your yarn is always available without all the tugging. The extensive number of 5 star reviews it has received can confirm that this is a complete game changer! The Wool Jeanie is available from AllClassicGifts’s shop on Etsy.

And here are 30+ more amazing gifts to give to a crocheter this year…

1. It’s a Good Day to Crochet T-Shirt

It's a good day to crochet t-shirt
Photo credit: HeraDesignCompany on Etsy

This It’s a Good Day to Crochet T-Shirt is a perfect gift for any crocheter! It’s available on Etsy from HeraDesignCompany

2. Yarn is My Love Language Mug

Photo Credit: SouthElmDesign on Etsy

Here’s a wonderful mug to give to people who love to crochet. This “Yarn is my Love Language” Mug is available from SouthElmDesign on Etsy.

3. Row/Stitch Counter

This brilliant gadget will help you count rows and stitches. The best part? No batteries are needed, which means no annoying beeping and no technology malfunctions! You can even attach it to your necklace. Plus it locks in place. Never lose track of your stitches or rows again! The Clover Stitch Counter Mini Kacha-Kacha is available from Amazon.

4. LED Neck Lamp

This neck lamp is perfect for that “just one more row” that last three more hours. You’ll be able to easily see what you’re doing in the dark. This Glocusent LED Neck Lamp is available from Amazon.

5. Funny Pins/Magnets

Gift for crocheter - funny pins
Photo credit: pepsy on Etsy

Every crocheter can appreciate these! You can chose whether you want them as pins or magnets. These Funny Crochet Pins/Magnets are available from pepsy on Etsy.

6. Personalize Crochet Tote Bag

Gift for crocheter - personalized tote bag
Photo credit: TheScarlettStudio on Etsy

This Personalized Crochet Tote Bag is both a funny and also incredibly useful gift! It’s available from TheScarlettStudio’s shop on Etsy.

7. Crocheter in Training Shirt

Gift for crocheter - kids t-shirt

I’m buying two of these for Christmas gifts for my daughters! The amazing Repeat Crafter Me designed this “Crocheter in Training” t-shirt. It’s available to purchase on Zazzle and you can read more about on Repeat Crafter Me’s website.

8. Crochet Stitches Dictionary

This is a fantastic gift for both new and experienced crocheters. The Crochet Stitch Dictionary offers 200 stitches with detailed written, charted, and photographed instructions. 

9. Crochet Travel Bag

This is a Crochet Travel Bag that is both stylish and practical and perfect for crocheting on the go! it’s available on Amazon.

10. Pom Pom Maker

Another great stocking stuffer idea – this Pom Pom Maker will make making pom poms so much easier. It includes 4 sizes and special scissors to create a perfect pom pom every time. It’s available from Amazon.

11. I’m Counting Mug

Gift for crocheter - funny mug
Photo Credit: GardnersOwn on Etsy

Every crocheter can relate to this! This Funny Mug is from GardnersOwn shop on Etsy.

12. Personalized Notebook

Photo Credit: GeniusLeanIdeas on Etsy

Here’s a gift that you absolutely can’t go wrong with as every crocheter needs a notebook. And adding personalization makes this a truly thoughtful gift that will be loved and used. This Personalized Notebook is available from GeniusLeanIdeas on Etsy.

13. Crochet Word Search Puzzle Book

If the crocheter in your life also enjoys word searches then this Crochet Word Search Puzzle Book would be the perfect gift. It’s available from Amazon.

14. Stitch Markers

These Stitch Markers would make a fantastic stocking stuffer. They are available from Amazon.

15. Crochet Hook Case

I couldn’t live without my hook case. This Crochet Hook Case will keep all your crochet hooks organized and in one place. Plus there’s a zipper container for things like yarn needles, stitch markers, etc.

16. Time to Unwind Mug

Photo Credit: GoodszillaPrints on Etsy

This wonderful and calming “Time to Unwind” Mug is available from GoodszillaPrints on Etsy.

17. Personalized Crochet Hook

Photo Credit: woodpaperscissorsuk on Etsy

A Personalized Crochet Hook is a perfect gift for the crocheter in your life. It’s available from woodpaperscissorsuk’s Etsy Shop.

18. Seasonal Crochetaholic Sweatshirt

Photo Credit: Labagshop on Etsy

The crocheter in your life can most likely relate to this Seasonal Crochetaholic Sweatshirt that’s available from Labagshop on Etsy.

19. Bring Me My Crochet Socks

These awesome “If You Can Read This, Bring Me My Crochet” Socks are available from Amazon.

20. Yarn Bowl

This very useful gift keeps your crocheter’s yarn from rolling around and from getting tangled. This Sheep Ceramic Yarn Bowl is available from Amazon.

21. Happy Place Pillow

Photo Credit: PCBHome on Etsy

This lovely My Happy Place Pillow would be a great pillow for your crocheter’s seat. It’s available from PCBHome on Etsy.

22. Reading and Crochet Pillow

Photo Credit: Labagshop on Etsy

Or, perhaps this pillow is more your crocheter’s style. This Yarnologist Pillow is available from Labagshop’s shop on Etsy.

23. Ultimate Yarn Carrying Case

This convenient Yarn & Hooks Carrying Case includes a layer for unfinished projects and keeps all your yarn, hooks and other tools in one place.

24. Gauge Swatch Ruler

Crochet gauge swatch

This handy Gauge Swatch Ruler will help check your gauge and would make a perfect stocking stuffer. It’s available from Amazon.

25. Gift Card for Patterns

You can always go with a gift certificates to a craft store such as Michaels but if your crocheter likes purchasing PDF patterns, get him or her a gift certificate to Etsy and they can use it to buy PDF patterns.

26. Crochet Magazine Subscription

Another great gift idea is to buy your crocheter a subscription to a crochet magazine such as Crochet! The Magazine.

27. Measuring Tape

For a useful stocking stuffer, get a new measuring tape. This soft 60″ measuring tape is perfect for every type of project and is available from Amazon.

28. Yarn Scissors

Another great and useful stocking stuffer, give the gift of a new pair of yarn scissors like these Singer Pro Scissors that are available from Amazon.

29. Yarn Needles

These Yarn Needles are also a useful gift for your crocheter’s stocking and are a necessity to finish any project. They are available from Amazon.

30. Yarn (or This Mug)

And when in doubt, just buy yarn! Or this mug…

Photo Credit: TillieAnnsTreasures on Etsy

This Got Yarn Mug is available from TillieAnnsTreasures shop on Etsy.

Features To Look For In Choosing The Best Gifts for Crocheters 


If the crochet lover in your life has “everything,” then you may want to think outside the box. Buying them hooks they already have probably isn’t the best option and they probably have the essential crochet supplies.  Look at funny crochet gifts, custom products and unique items that they will be impressed with. 


Even if you don’t know anything about crochet, you can still find something specific for the crocheter in your life that will appeal to their passions. You can find novelty items such as clothing, mugs and decorative objects that are still related to crochet. 


A gift for a crocheter can be practical and can assist with their crocheting or it can be something that brings joy. Think about what you want your gift to do and what would be best for the recipient. 


One of the great things about crocheting is that it’s a hobby that doesn’t require a lot of “things.” You can make masterpieces with just a skein of yarn and a hook. However, there are things that every crocheter always needs more of. One of those things is yarn. A crocheter can never have too much yarn! A gift card to the crocheter’s favorite yarn store is truly the perfect gift. Think of other things that a crocheter can run out of, like a notebook, and will always need. 


If you’re aware of what your crocheter is into these days, that can help you find a great gift. If you see your crocheter making a lot of projects in a certain category, you could get them a book of patterns related to that project type. 

Whether you are shopping for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or any other occasion, I hope this list of the Best Gifts for Crocheters has helped you find some great gifts for the crocheter in your life.

Gifts For Crocheters: FAQs

What Do You Give A Crocheter Who Has Everything?

If you are searching for a gift for a crocheter who has everything, you can give them gift cards to their favorite yarn store, a personalized notebook with their name on it, or a funny crochet-related mug or item of clothing. These are products that any crocheter will appreciate. 

What Do Crocheters Actually Want as a Gift?

From my experience as an avid crocheter, anything yarn or crochet-related is very appreciated. There are lots of funny yarn or crochet related mugs, framed quotes, shirts and tote bags that make wonderful gifts. Also, custom products, such as a personalized notebook or bag, are very well-received and special gifts. 

What Do You Buy Someone Why Crochets?

A great go-to gift for avid crocheters is a gift card to a store where a crocheter can buy yarn. Crocheters normally prefer to pick out yarn directly as it’s usually project-specific and in person, if possible. A gift card for yarn may sound impersonal but it’s something that the crocheter will actually use!

Is Yarn a Good Gift for a Crocheter?

Absolutely, yarn is what every crocheter needs! I would recommend giving yarn in the form of a gift card though (unless you know exactly what the crocheter wants). Shopping for yarn is half of the fun of crocheting so a shopping spree at the yarn store is a fantastic gift. 

What Does Every Crocheter Need?

Crocheting requires a crochet hook, yarn, measuring tape, yarn needle and scissors. Those are the essential items required to crochet. Outside of that, there are crochet supplies that can make crocheting easier such as a gauge swatch ruler, row/stitch counter, a yarn holder, a crochet hook case, a yarn carrying bag and blocking materials. 

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to buy gifts for a crocheter, especially if you aren’t familiar with the hobby. Hopefully, this list of the best gifts for crocheters can help you find the perfect gift for the crocheter in your life. 

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