US to UK Crochet Terms Conversion Chart

You’ve got your yarn, your hook and you’re ready to start your pattern when you read the fine print and see “written in UK terminology” (or US terminology if you’re used to UK crochet terms).

You don’t need to worry, translating the pattern into the terminology is super simple. Just follow this chart!

US Terms = UK Terms

slip stitch (sl st) = slip stitch (ss)

single crochet (sc) = double crochet (dc)

half double crochet (hdc) = half treble (htr)

double crochet (dc) = treble (tr)

treble (tr) = double treble (dtr)

double treble (dtr) = triple treble (trtr)

yarn over (yo) = yarn over hook (yoh)

US to UK Crochet Terms Conversion Chart or UK to US

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For more information on US to UK Crochet Terms, The Spruce Crafts provides a really excellent overview.

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Since we’re talking UK, I’ll end by saying Cheerio! which you can easily convert into…what’s the US equivalent? Cheers?!