Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns

50+ Valentine’s Day Crochet Patterns (Free!)

Looking for crochet Valentine’s Day gifts and decorations? I’ve put together an ultimate collection of free Valentine’s Day crochet patterns that you’ll love to make for February 14.

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Valentine’s Day Crochet Patterns

From Valentine’s Day blankets, pillows, scarves and baskets to crochet hearts of every size and everything in between, you’ll find something for everyone in this collection of over 50 free charming and adorable Valentine’s Day crochet patterns. There’s a mix of easy patterns, more advanced patterns and incredibly unique patterns.

Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns

Whether you’ve been crocheting for quite some time or are a beginner with a heart full of creativity, this collection of patterns for Valentine’s Day is full of ideas that you make for someone special, your best gal pals or just to sprinkle some Valentine’s Day festivity around.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, these are all fun projects that you’ll love crocheting, love giving and love showing off!

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day crochet gift idea or a decoration for February 14, browse through the list below and find the perfect Valentine’s Day crochet pattern!

Free Crochet Patterns for Valentines Day

50+ Free Valentine’s Day Crochet Patterns

Love is in the yarn so let’s create Valentine’s Day masterpieces together! Here are over 50 free crochet patterns for Valentine’s Day from a variety of fabulous crochet designers.

Crochet Heart Pattern

Crochet heart pattern

Learn how to crochet a heart with this easy and free Crochet Heart Pattern by Jo to the World Creations. You can make it as a heart-shaped dishcloth or a Valentine’s Day gift and decoration.

Mosaic Hearts Basket Crochet Pattern

Mosaic Hearts Basket Crochet Pattern

This Mosaic Hearts Baskets Crochet Pattern by Juniper & Oakes is an adorable and useful basket. It’s wonderful for storing household items and enhancing your home decor. 

A Little Heart

A Little Heart

Create adorable mini hearts with this A Little Heart crochet pattern by K.A.M.E. Crochet. Perfect for embellishing your bigger crochet projects or adding a touch of love to your home decor, this is an ideal quick and easy project.

Crochet Heart Bracelet

Crochet Heart Bracelet

This easy-to-follow Crochet Heart Bracelet pattern by Blue Star Crochet allows you to make a delicate bracelet adorned with beautiful hearts, adding a touch of handmade elegance to your jewelry collection. Share this personalized piece with friends or loved ones for a stylish gesture.

Elwen Granny Square

Elwen Granny Square

This Elwen Granny Square pattern by K.A.M.E. Crochet is ideal for afghans, cushions, potholders, or even as standalone coasters, adding a touch of romance everywhere. This versatile granny square will surely add to the ambiance of your home.

Candy Heart Basket

Candy Heart Basket

This Candy Heart Basket pattern by Simply Melanie Jane is equal parts sweet and functional, perfect for storing treats and adding a festive flair to any space.

Mini Love Elephant Amigurumi

Mini Love Elephant Amigurumi

The Mini Love Elephant Amigurumi by DIY Fluffies features a charming elephant with a heart sewn on. Depending on the yarn and hook size you use, this can be a cute mini project or a giant cuddly plushie.

Gift Card Holder

Gift Card Holder

Secure your gift cards with this Gift Card Holder by Blue Star Crochet. This quick and practical project features a cozy pocket design with a gorgeous lace detail. It can be reused as well as a coin pouch.

Crochet Mini Heart

Crochet Mini Hearts

This small and charming Crochet Mini Heart pattern by Jewels and Jones is perfect for embellishing blankets, hats, using as buttons, and much more. Stitch up these sweet hearts to infuse your projects with handmade affection.

Paw Print Love Mat

Crochet Paw Print Love Mat (for Pet Dog or Cat) Pattern Free

Here’s a crochet dog bowl mat pattern to keep your pet’s eating and drinking area tidy. Show your pet how much you love them with this step-by-step crochet pattern (with chart!) for a Paw Print Love Mat by Jo to the World Creations.

Crochet Heart Flower Applique

Crochet Heart Flower Applique

This versatile and dainty Crochet Heart Flower Applique pattern by Simply Melanie Jane allows you to add adorable heart-shaped flowers to any DIY project. You can even use them as a coaster during teatime.

Love Notes Valentine

Love Notes Valentine

Who doesn’t like handwritten love letters? With these adorable Love Notes Valentine pouches by Blackstone Designs, you can always have paper and crayons ready to write heartfelt notes.

Crochet Heart Wind Spinner

Heart Wind Spinner

This Crochet Heart Wind Spinner by Simply Hooked by Janet features a puffy heart and a spinner underneath made from two colors. You can add it to your outdoor decor or hang it up on your curtain rod for added flair in any room.

Belle Heart Coaster

Belle Heart Coaster

Add a touch of love to your tabletops with the Belle Heart Coaster by CrochetKim. This easy-to-follow design allows you to create round coasters with a heart in the center, combining functionality and charm.

Hearts Puff Stitch Crochet Baby Blanket

Hearts Puff Stitch Crochet Baby Blanket

This Hearts Puff Stitch Crochet Baby Blanket by Jo to the World Creations is a free and easy crochet pattern that creates a beautiful, modern, textured crochet baby blanket. It’s just the sweetest thing to wrap your bundle of joy in.

Wool You Be Mine Pocket Scarf

Wool You Be Mine Crochet Scarf

To crochet this unique pocket scarf, you’ll start by making a long crochet rectangle from simple stitches to act as the body, from one end to the other. Then you’ll add these large pockets for the finished Wool You Be Mine Pocket Scarf by The Loopy Lamb.

Bobble Heart Granny Square

Bobble Heart Granny Square

This is a beginner-friendly Bobble Heart Granny Square pattern by Juniper & Oakes that features texture and would be great alone as well as sewn together into a cushion or wall hanging.

I See Hearts Crochet Doily

I See Hearts Crochet Doily

With this tutorial on how to crochet the I See Hearts Crochet Doily by Zamiguz, you can make a beautiful doily that will brighten up any space it’s added to with a sprinkle of love and charm.

Crochet Heart Hot Pad

Crochet Heart Hot Pad

Here’s a pattern for an extra thick Crochet Heart Hot Pad designed by Simply Hooked by Janet. The stitch pattern used adds a nice texture which will keep your pots and pans from sliding off if you decide to use this as a potholder.

Crochet Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Every romantic dinner needs a dessert and Nicki’s Homemade Crafts has the perfect Crochet Chocolate Covered Strawberries to end your date on a sweet note. These crochet strawberries have a removable shell so that they can be used as decor all year round.

Love Pillow Cover

Love Pillow Cover Crochet Pattern

This free crochet pattern for a Love Pillow Cover by Jo to the World Creations creates a modern, removable crochet pillow cover, making it a wonderful crochet cushion cover or crochet throw pillow to spruce up your home decor.

Mouth Appliqué

Mouth Applique

This Mouth Appliqué crochet pattern by Hookfully is great for all skill levels. You can add a quirky fun touch to your crochet projects and you only need to know basic crochet stitches to make this.

Wrapped in Love Jar Cozy

Wrapped in Love Jar Cozy

Add all the random bits and bobs around you to a jar covered in the Wrapped In Love Jar Cozy by Blackstone Designs and hide the clutter. The heart-shaped pattern around the jar cozy adds a cute touch to your home decor.

Textured Crochet Heart Pillow

Textured Heart Pillow

If you love giving handmade gifts, then you must try making this Textured Crochet Heart Pillow by Made By Gootie next. The Herringbone Stitch on one side makes it a beautifully textured cushion and the use of bulky yarn makes for a super quick gift.

Valentine from Vermont Love Mittens

Valentine From Vermont Mitten

The pattern for these Valentine from Vermont Love Mittens by Stitch and Hustle creates a warm and cozy pair of mittens that’ll have your fingers feeling snug. They’re made by working in the round with the waistcoat stitch.

Granny Heart Market Bag

Granny Heart Market Bag

Go green and try your hand at this Granny Heart Market Bag by Raffamusa Designs. Crocheted by joining two granny square patterns, each made with 4 large heart granny squares, this versatile tote bag will be your constant companion. Whether you’re out for grocery shopping or spending the day at the beach.

Easy Crochet Heart Garland

Crochet Heart Garland

Made from chunky yarn, this Easy Crochet Heart Garland by A Box of Twine will adorn any space and create an air of love and affection. You can make the hearts in leftover bits of yarn as well for a colorful look.

Valentine’s Day Mini Treat Bags

Valentine's Day Mini Treat Bags

Good things come in small packages, and what better package than these Valentine’s Day Mini Treat Bags by Blackstone Designs? Add your own custom touch with the hearts on the front to make it the cutest personalized gift bag for those close to your heart.

C2C Heart

C2C Heart

This easy corner-to-corner graph features a cute heart design. You can use the C2C Heart by Hookfully to make a pillow, afghan square, coaster, or bag.

Puffy Hearts Blanket

Puffy Hearts Blanket

Using basic stitches and the special long puff stitch, this Puffy Hearts Blanket by Blackstone Designs comes together nicely for a cozy, snuggly make that’s sure to be enjoyed by all.

Amigurumi Heart

Easy Crochet Heart

This Amigurumi Heart by Little World of Whimsy is made in two parts and seamed together for an extra puffy, cuddly-looking piece. There’s a video tutorial to help you out too if you get stuck anywhere!

Heart Crochet Tea Towel Topper

Heart Crochet Tea Towel Topper

These easy Heart Crochet Tea Towel Toppers by Stitching Together are a fun way to add Valentine’s Day decorations to your kitchenware. Kitchens are full of love and happiness so these work all year round too!

Valentine’s Tissue Box Cover and Mailbox 

Valentines Tissue Box Cover Crochet Pattern

Have you ever seen a tissue box cover that doubles as a mailbox? This Valentine’s Tissue Box Cover and Mailbox by Jo to the World Creations can be used as both! The free pattern includes step-by-step instructions on how to crochet the tissue/Kleenex box cover, the envelope and the hearts.

Love Bug

Love Bug

The Love Bug by Stitch by Fay can be used as a magnet, keychain, hairpin, and so much more. A batch of these can be made to spread around too, a symbol of giving love to all those who need it most.

Heart Appliqué

Heart Applique

Another adorable Heart Appliqué, this is brought to you by Hookfully and made from two rounds. You can crochet up a bunch and spread Cupid’s joy around in your street, school, and to your loved ones.

Crochet Valentine Bear, Panda and Koala

Crochet Valentine Bear, Panda and Koala

Stuffed bears are signature to Valentine’s Day and it’s such great fun both receiving and giving them to your special ones. In this pattern, you can learn to make the Crochet Valentine Bear, Panda and Koala with detailed instructions from Grace and Yarn.

Valentine Treat Bags

Crochet Valentine Treat Bags

Valentine Treat Bags are perfect for kids and neighbors. These bags, by A Crocheted Simplicity, can be filled with candies, stationary, homemade cookies, and more to be sent to those you have a special message to on the Day of Love.

Boho Crochet Heart Coaster

Boho Cochet Heart Coaster

These Boho Crochet Heart Coaster by Stitching Together are elegant and useful to catch little drips from staining your tabletops and counters. You can crochet a set and gift them too.

Heart Shaped Pot Holder

Heart Shaped Pot Holder

Add an extra romantic touch to your decorations for this Valentine’s season with the Heart Shaped Pot Holders by Blackstone Designs. This pattern is easy to make and will surely impress your guests.

Crochet Valentine’s Day Snow Globe Amigurumi

Crochet Valentine's Day Snow Globe

This is a very unique Valentine’s Day make! The Crochet Valentine’s Day Snow Globe Amigurumi by Golden Lucy Crafts features a cupid in a shower of hearts with bigger hearts worked into the main pattern. It’ll go beautifully on any mantlepiece.

Hugs & Kisses Crochet Towel

Hugs Kisses Towel

The Hugs & Kisses Crochet Towel by A Crocheted Simplicity has a loop to make it easier to hang on your oven door or over a knob. There’s a helpful chart too for those who are visual learners.

Valentine’s Worry Worm

Valentine's Worry Worm

If you’ve heard of Worry Worms, you know they’re meant to make someone smile and brighten up their day, pushing aside their worries for a while. These Valentine’s Worry Worms by Start Crochet will do just that, especially with their heart eyes and the whimsical poem that comes with them.

Wrapped in Love Hat 

Wrapped in Love Hat

While you’re decorating your house with hearts and flowers, why not style up your outfit for the day as well? The Wrapped in Love Hat by Creations by Courtney is chic and fashionable, featuring a large heart to express your inner cupid.

Cup of Love Coffee Cozy

Cup of Love Coffee Cozy

The Cup of Love Coffee Cozy by Green Fox Farms Designs will keep your hands safe from hot beverages and it doubles as a gift card holder too.

Striped Hearts Tunisian Baby Blanket

Striped Hearts Tunisian Baby Blanket

Using the Tunisian Crochet technique, whip up this Striped Hearts Tunisian Baby Blanket by Make It Crochet that has textured pop-up hearts all over it. Who wouldn’t love snuggling up in a wholesome blanket like this one?

No-Sew Crochet Flower Pot

Crochet Flower Pot

If you can’t keep a plant alive for more than a few days, this No-Sew Crochet Flower Pot by Stitch by Fay is for you. It makes a brilliant present for those who love the outdoors and it can be crocheted in any color or type of yarn for a one-of-a-kind flower!

Jumbo Heart Pillow

Jumbo Heart Pillow

With its little smiley face, this adorably squishy Jumbo Heart Pillow by Little World of Whimsy will be the sweetest addition to your couch. Made with only one ball of thick yarn, the horizontal shape of the heart makes it easy to sit on the couch.

Crochet Heart Keychain

Crochet Heart Keychain

Ready in only 30 minutes, Made by Gootie brings the cutest Crochet Heart Keychain to the table. This pocket-sized project is made with two heart panels, from only 2 rounds. Just assemble them together and finish off with a tassel at the end and you’re good to go!

Crochet Valentine Garland

Crochet Valentine Garland

Surprise your loved ones by decorating their rooms with the Crochet Valentine Garland by Banana Moon Studio. Using any colors of your liking, make three-dimensional hearts, attaching them to a crochet chain as you go, to make the cutest addition to your holiday decor.

Crochet Washcloth Folded As Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Washcloth

Just the knowledge of basic crochet stitches can have you making the Crochet Washcloth Folded As Teddy Bear by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts. Folded with just rubber bands and ribbons, this easy project is very versatile. Add it to your gift baskets or even as a dishtowel!

Pockets of Love Scarf

Pockets of Love Scarf

A super cozy scarf with handy pockets to store all of your essentials, this pattern by Sunflower Cottage Crochet will become a staple in your wardrobe. The Pockets of Love Scarf design features texture to keep you extra warm and the contrasting colors make it stand out from the crowd.

Heart Nesting Baskets

Heart Nesting Baskets

This is the free crochet pattern for Heart Nesting Baskets by Blackstone Designs that you can use to hold items of all shapes and sizes. They’re made from basic stitches and compact when storing and nesting into one another.

Love Birds Potholder

Love Birds Potholder

Cook a hearty meal for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day with the Love Birds Potholder. It is a tapestry crochet pattern by Raffamusa Designs, which creates a thick and solid fabric, perfect to keep your hands safe from those hot pots and pans.

Love Critter

Love Critter

With its floppy limbs and multiple personalities, the Love Critter by Underground Crafter is the perfect gift for all. Part cat, part dog, part alien, this rag-doll makes for a lovable softie.

Sweetheart Placemat

Sweetheart Placemat

Spruce up your dinner table with the Sweetheart Placemat by Exquisite Crochet UK, this Valentine’s Day. This Tunisian crochet placemat is the perfect addition to make your day even sweeter and more romantic.

Valentine Kisses Treat Bags

Valentine Kisses Treat Bags

Distributing these Valentine Kisses Treat Bags by Blackstone Designs in the class or neighborhood would instantly make you everyone’s favorite! Fill them up with little notebooks, candies, pens and pencils, or even lip balms as a token of your affection.

I hope these lovely crochet patterns have helped you find inspiration for what to crochet for Valentine’s Day!

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